Since our creation in 2009, we’ve been constantly growing and upgrading PMTestOnline. We’re now at Version 5, fully supporting the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK book 5. Here's our upgrade log.


October 2013 – Lots more questions added in the biggest single upgrade for several years. These are harder, mostly scenario-based questions plus a new infotext on EMV. We've also made a few corrections we didn't spot regarding dependencies and resourcing (which changed a little in PMBOK5).


Plus, this month Android users delight because we've launched our Android App! If you're a subscriber you can download it FREE. Find it on Google Play or click here. PMTestOnline On The Move allows you to access everything from a single click on an icon. It remembers your password so you can now study everywhere you've got an Internet connection. (CAUTION: if you're using your phone be aware of any data charges you might incur!)


September 2013 – A few more questions added plus some minor improvements to the program logic. New testimonials added thanks to several more people telling us they're delighted with PMTestOnline


April 2013 – More questions added plus a new infotext/diagram this time on project selection, NPV, IRR, ROI etc. Increased difficulty of some questions through complex distractors, minor alteration to running order


March 2013 – More questions added plus new infotexts/diagrams on advanced leadership and project governance. Clean up of free questions and some minor logic improvements


February 2013 – Splash screen introduced for Internet marketing campaign


January 2013 Version 5 released with complete change in look, feel and color schemes. PMBOK 5 compliance introduced. Much cleaner user interface. More questions added


December 2012 – More questions added. Two reported errors in questions fixed. Internal improvements to question pooling to give users greater variety. Who needs holidays?


September 2012 Practice exams introduced to enable users to test their knowledge


August 2012 – Earned Value and TCPI better explained with improved infotexts and more questions. Subscription codes introduced making corporate bulk subscriptions easier


May 2012 – More questions added


April 2012 – Minor improvements to screen design. More questions added. Improvement to AI logic to help user learning curves


March 2012 – More infotexts added on project team types, with new questions


January 2012 – Enhancement to infotexts on assumptions, constraints, closure and professional responsibility


December 2011 – More infotexts to clarify Earned Value, with new questions added. Holidays postponed


September 2011 – Minor screen improvements


August 2011 – Version 4 improved with better look, feel and navigation. Subscriptions set up for first corporate customer. This is looking seriously good


June 2011 Version 4 introduced with comprehensive changes to screen design and color schemes. Better navigation, agreement with and link to Business Management Consultants. Positioned with PMI as registered training course


May 2011 – Improvements to questions. Upgrades discussed internally


January 2011 – More questions added


December 2010 Version 3 launched featuring improved colour schemes and navigation. More questions added.


September 2010 – More questions and infotexts added. Improvement log is now full. Ready for the next version


July 2010 – More questions and infotexts added. First customers recorded (hooray)


May 2010 – More questions and infotexts added. General release and marketing


April 2010 – Professional design completed for Version 2. Version 2 launched. Beta testers instructed


March 2010 – More questions and infotexts added. Multiple corrections and enhancements


February 2010 – Finally, PMTestOnline Version 1 released for internal testing with just 200 questions and 12 infotexts


January 2010 – Lots of hard work


December 2009 –  100 initial questions sets created for evaluation and compatability testing


November 2009 – PMTestOnline envisaged as an ideal computer-based solution for the “TestOnline” platform. Initial liaison with the “TestOnline” founders in the United States


June 2005 – Founder passes PMP® exams. Wonders why there are lots of test questions around of varying quality, but no focused training apart from in-house courses