Want to learn more about SofaStudy or how to claim your PDUs? Check our FAQs below and see if we have the answer already. If not, just email us at Support@PMTestOnline and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Q) Who is SofaStudy for?

A) SofaStudy is aimed at newly appointed project managers, and those who wish to develop their career in project management. It’s used by those studying for the challenging PMP® examination, and also by experienced project managers who like to exercise their brains, test their knowledge and keep current.

(By the way, SofaStudy is advanced, next generation software which replaces the older PMTestOnline. If you’re an older PMTestOnline customer everything will still work just like before, and your login and password are all still valid.)


Q) Where do SofaStudy customers come from?

A) SofaStudy is used by career-motivated professionals as well as corporations and governments from the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere. Many of our customers come from well-known organizations such as Societe Generale, Citibank, ING, Deloitte, SAP, SWIFT, Procter and Gamble and many, many more.


Q) Is SofaStudy connected with the Project Management Institute?

A) SofaStudy is a brand created, owned and operated by our company Knight Griffin Pte. Ltd., which is a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI). Our REP ID is 4614. SofaStudy is listed on the PMIs website as a training course.


Q) Is SofaStudy compliant with the “PMBOK®” guide from the Project Management Institute?

A) Yes! SofaStudy is fully compliant with the latest PMBOK® version 6.


Q) Can I claim PDUs by using SofaStudy?

A) Yes! Paid subscribers may claim 11 PDUs in exchange for 11 hours of “study time” on SofaStudy. Your study time is displayed on the “Top scores” screen and it measures the time you are actively engaged with the questions and practice exams. So you can’t just accumulate study time by simply logging in and leaving SofaStudy alone – you have to actively study and learn!


Q) So how do I claim PDUs from SofaStudy?

A) When, as a paid subscriber, you have accumulated 11 hours of study time as shown on the “Top scores” screen, simply email us at Sales@PMTestOnline.com and we’ll send you a certificate with a code to claim 11 PDUs. Please note:- You must be a paid subscriber to be eligible to claim PDUs. You can only claim your 11 PDUs once - so think about whether you need them for exam eligibility or towards your re-certification cycle once you’ve passed. So:- if you have yet to take your PMP® examination, you can claim them towards the required 35 contact hours of training you need to be eligible to take the exam, or if you have already passed your PMP® examination, you may use them towards the 60 hours you need for your re-certification next cycle.


Q) How are the 11 PDUs represented in the PMIs “Talent Triangle”?

A) The 11 PDUs are distributed as: Technical – 7 Leadership – 2 Strategic – 2


Q) Does SofaStudy replace books and study materials?

A) SofaStudy is a highly regarded study aid, but it is NOT a replacement for other study materials especially official materials such as those issued by the PMI (for example the PMBOK®). With consistent use, SofaStudy will sharpen you up as you prepare for your exam, and our numerous testimonials indicate that our customers found it a genuine help in taking and passing their PMP® exam.


Q) How many questions are there on SofaStudy?

A) Too many to count. The system has several hundred base questions however it’s able to generate it’s own questions using a pool of distractors, so there are potentially thousands and you may not see the same options or the same sequence twice for the same base question. This is the SofaStudy difference – where our unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) software understands the relationship between the questions and the subject areas, and can decide which questions to ask you based on your aptitude and skills.


Q) Does SofaStudy use actual questions from the PMP® exam?

A) The Project Management Institute keep their exam questions confidential, so no training provider will be able to reveal the actual questions you will get in the PMP® exam. Our questions have been uniquely crafted to build your understanding of the subject areas of project management and are as realistic and as similar to the real questions as we can make them. As such SofaStudy is a great learning tool – just look at our testimonials!


Q) How does SofaStudy decide which question to ask next?

A) SofaStudy simulates a real teacher by using advanced interactive formulae to calculate a score for each question you answer. Some (but not all of the factors) it takes into account are your correct and incorrect answer history, how many times you used the “hint”, “show answer” or “50/50” options, how difficult other students find the question and how quickly you learned other questions in the same topic. The more you use SofaStudy, the more it learns about you.


Q) Do I have any control of the question selection process?

A) You cannot directly control the questions you will be asked, however in the User Options you can change the “Repetition Delay Factor”. If you increase it’s value, it will increase the time between seeing the same questions again. Decrease it to see the same questions sooner. You also have the option when studying to “Skip subject for now”, and this will make SofaStudy stop asking you questions on your selected subject area for about eight hours. The system will still use intelligent repetition though; you are merely feeding it requests!


Q) Why should I enter my birthday when I create an account?

A) We use birthdays to calculate the age of each user, and it’s displayed on the “Top scores” screen, where it adds a fun dimension to see everyone’s age. However feel free to leave this field blank if you prefer, in which case your age will show as zero.


Q) Can I share my login and password with others?

A) You should not share your login and password with others because your question history would become mixed with theirs, making SofaStudy ineffective for both of you. The database would no longer reflect which questions and subjects you have learned.


Q) Can I download my own copy of SofaStudy?

A) SofaStudy is specifically written as cloud software. This allows the software to collect progress information from all the users and to compute the hardest and easiest questions. It allows you to sign in from any browser and carry on where you left off, and it allows us to fix bugs, add new questions and upgrade SofaStudy easily.


Q) Does SofaStudy work on my iPhone or Android device?

A) You can already use SofaStudy on any device that has a web browser, and that includes most of the latest smartphones. We are in the process of developing apps tailored for smaller smartphone screens, however our priority is to give you quantity and quality content.

PLEASE NOTE that if you’re using a mobile device you may incur data charges when using SofaStudy, as it requires constant Internet access to operate.


Q) I found an error in one of the questions!

A) Please tell us! We make every effort to make our questions and answers unique, interesting and – most of all – correct. Plus, we get our system independently verified by other PMP® credential holders. However, we are only human. If you spot a question you believe has an incorrect answer or has some other error please email us on Support@PMTestOnline.com. Thank you!


Q) Why should I purchase a subscription to SofaStudy?

A) Because when you purchase a subscription you get access to the entire system for two years. That is, hundreds of questions, thousands of permutations plus information texts and diagrams which will give you the maximum benefit from the system. In addition, SofaStudy’s artificial intelligence algorithms will have more material to learn about your progress, and so behave more intelligently in selecting the next questions for you. As a trial user who has not subscribed, you will only have access to the first thirty questions in the system.


Q) How do I subscribe to SofaStudy?

A) It’s easy. Once you’ve set up your login and password just click on the “Purchase” button, select the project management course and you can pay with any major credit card using our built-in link to PayPal.


Q) I have a subscription code. What do I do?

A) If you’ve purchased a subscription code, or you have been handed one by your company, key it into the “Subscription Code” box on the payments screen, and press the Process button.




SofaStudy is a brand wholly owned and operated by Knight Griffin Pte. Ltd. who are Registered Education Providers with the Project Management Institute PMI, PMP, Project Management Professional (PMP) and PMBOK are registered trade marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. .