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I don’t think I could have passed my PMP® exam on my first attempt without the aid of this tool and highly recommend using it as an additional resource in your exam preparation. A huge thank you to the SofaStudy team for creating such a fun, interactive and educational tool!

Lynette Lim PMP®, Senior Manager - Marketing Capability, Singapore Tourism Board, Republic of Singapore


PMTestOnline prepared me successfully for the computer-based PMP® exam. I found it extremely valuable to be able to simulate a realistic 200 question exam with the practice exam feature. PMTestOnline offers hundreds of questions and concise tutorials at a great price compared to other programs.

Allison v. PMP® - Project Manager, Austin, TX United States


I did pass the test today and thank you very much for the service you provide... I still believe the methodology your service uses is much better than just quantity of questions other apps provide.

Rick Korecki PMP® - Operations Manager, Master Protection LP, United States


I passed my PMP® exam last week and wouldn’t have been able to do it without PMTestOnline. As others have already mentioned, the multi-platform nature of PMTestOnline made it super convenient to study whenever I could find the time. The user rankings, on the other hand, really motivated me to cover all the questions available – however, the amount of material contained is impressive and it definitely covers most of the material you need to know to ace the exam. This website will have you exam ready in the shortest time possible, by not only giving you the knowledge you need, but also providing you with opportunities to tackle the sort of curveballs that PMI likes to throw at examinees. Will definitely be recommending this study tool to anyone who wants to get PMP®-certified.

Mariko Obe PMP® - Project Manager, Logicalis, Hong Kong


Thank you so much. I really like the tool and I find the way of studying at PMTestOnline extremely efficient.

Kasia Wojnar - Global Self-Service Specialist, Perkin-Elmer


I would like to inform you that I already pass the PMP® exam last Thursday. I very appreciate on study material and PMTestOnline which I was able to access from many platform (PC, iPad, mobile). This gave me a great help during my work travelling. In addition, the personnel performance indication and user ranking were stimulate me to keep going and complete the test.

Tasan P. PMP® - Project Manager, Syngenta


I have passed my PMP® exam last Friday, and would like to thank you for all the effort put into PMTestOnline. PMTestOnline has been a great help in bridging the gaps between my knowledge and the exam. Through the tricky and extensive questions from PMTestOnline, I was able to recognize and adapt to the actual PMP® questions. Not forgetting the explanation which was included should one choose the wrong answer, it sure gave me a better understanding on which area my knowledge was lacking. I would like to thank you and congratulate on having a successful website which could help potential project managers attain their PMP® certification within the shortest possible time.

Cheo Wei Ming PMP® - Project Manager


I have really enjoyed the software and reminders to study. I access your system from multiple points (iPad, workstations, laptops) which is very convenient for my active lifestyle. In addition, the repetition and quick summary info, I believe, assists me in long term memory retention. Thanks for checking in and I will make sure I let my colleagues know that your system was a huge help.

Reginald M. PMP® - Project Manager, Halliburton


The training provided on PMTestOnline is highly effective to put the candidate on a fast track to PMP® certification. Subject matter thoroughly covered, user friendly design and experience, dynamic ranking of candidates - allowing to benchmark own knowledge against other colleagues in the field. Highly recommended, by a PMP® certified candidate who acknowledges the contribution of PMTestOnline to the certification success.

Monica Matache PMP® - Senior Manager, Logistic Implementation, DB Schenker


I did pass the exam this morning, thanks in part to your service... thanks for putting together a good product. I found it very helpful.

Cris PMP® - Project Manager, Bose


I've used PMTestOnline prior to my PMP® exam in July. The online test system had 2 advantages which were really useful in my exam prep. The system cycles through the questions I've answered wrongly and this helps to reinforce concepts I was weak at. Secondly the answers had a brief description linking the question to the concept we had to understand. The questions posed in PMTestOnline were similar in context to the actual exam question. This gave me more confidence in attempting the exam.

Danny G PMP® - Project Manager, Public Sector Implementations, Citibank


I just completed over 11 hours testing and studying on PMTestOnline and I am thrilled with the product! First of all, I chose it because I had already earned 24 PDU’s and wanted to get eleven more to qualify for the PMP® certification test. Other programs I found online and in person required an entire program of all 35 PDUs at once, so I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to repeat everything, but did need the refresher. The online program started with the basics and in small “packages”. There was one subject to learn at a time and then some quiz questions. This really helped refresh the material... I was very engaged and didn’t get distracted or bored at all.

B. Benedetti – Strategic Projects Manager – Hexagon Metrology


I recently took and passed the PMP® exam. I believe your website contributed to this success. I have been recommending it.

John N PMP® - Contract Project Manager


I had been apprehensive about training online, but it really worked well... I have really enjoyed the online training and will continue using it. It's a great tool.

Bridget B - Project Manager


PMTestOnline is a practical and easy-to-use tool. The feedback it gives me is particularly useful. It is highly recommended.

Jane M – Course Executive, Hong Kong Management Association


I like the way the questions have been laid out after description of each section for the “study”. The questions themselves are relevant to the topic covered.

Kapil Berry - Project Manager, BW Fleet Management


Excellent learning site with diagrams and graphics to explain concepts clearly.

Cindy N - Marketing Director


PMTestOnline is an easy and clear way to understand what Project Management is all about.

Carlos R - Senior Academic Staff


This is one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive 'pass your exam' sites I've experienced.

Dennis H - Executive Coach


I wish pmtestonline success and hope it continues to help future PMP® candidates.

D Goh PMP® - Project Manager


...easy to use and almost makes studying for the PM exam fun!

Michelle N - Marketing Manager


...structure of the course and case study examples all add up to a painless test preparation...

Christine H - Marketing Manager


I have passed the PMP® exam. Thank you!

Hanan S – Senior Engineer, PMP®





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